Nowa 360 Smart Water Leak Detection with Automatic Water Shutoff - Kit

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Water damage today is the cause of more insurance claims than fire or theft. Nowa 360 is the only smart-home backbone system you can count on to control water leaks.

Complete smart water sensor kit for water leak protection. Installed on 1/2" or optionally, 3/4" or 1" diameter pipe. Same price for all. Works with or without Ultrasync+ mobile app for iOS or Android. Notifications included, without monthly fees.

Works unattended - No subscriptions

In the event of plumbing water escape or pending freezing, strategically placed smart water sensors detect the presence of water or near freezing temperatures and the supply valve is commanded to close. You're notified, not alarmed. That's smart! Everything is under control. When you're ready, turn the valve back on remotely, from your phone, the control panel or at the valve itself.

Few things in life can disrupt your business or home life more quickly than a flood caused by:

  1. Plumbing leak [frozen pipes, old valves, bad connections, corroded parts]
  2. Failed appliance [dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, humidifier]
  3. Inattention [tub left running, window left open in winter, etc...]

It's bad enough when these things only affect you, but with increasingly dense urban dwellings, more often than not multiple dwellings and businesses are involved. Damages can pile up into the millions of dollars very, very easily. The average cost of a "minor" basement flood claim is in the $30,000 - $45,000 range and it takes surprisingly little water to do it. In multi-unit structures, claims normally exceed  $200,000!

Nowa 360 smart water sensors paired with our remote shutoff valve can make the threat of flooding from plumbing water escape a thing of the past. You can acquire one for about the cost of one homeowners policy insurance deductible. Insurers may  offer discounts on premiums. Insurers may also refuse to cover your property for water damage if you have had past claims, unless you install systems like Nowa to mitigate the risk.


Your Nowa 360 kit comes with the following components;

1 ea. NOWMA360 - Master Unit
1 ea. NOWA Valve Controller
5 ea. NOWDSF360 - Wireless water leak & freeze sensor
1 ea. NOWVAL050-360 - Nowa Valve 1/2" or 3/4" or 1"

By default, all units shipping to our customers will feature an English language interface. If you require a French language interface, please identify in your instructions to us. 



If you choose to use the app, wherever you go, it knows if and when to shut the water off.

You can let Nowa 360 know when you're away through geolocation settings. When you get outside of your preset range, Nowa 360 shuts off your main valve right away. You can’t forget, even if you don’t remember.

Personalized Settings

Your main water valve shuts off as soon as you're more than a preset distance away. Need to ensure that the lawn sprinkler runs in your absence? You can use additional settings like scheduled or delayed shutoff, or have the system respond to conditions like when the alarm system is armed.

Multiple Features

Nowa’s abilities go beyond water.

Put all the smart functions of a house or building together in a single system. You can run up to three additional functions through Nowa 360, such as security, lights, and energy. All from your phone or tablet.


Z-Wave is a remote control system for smart devices. Z-Wave is used all over the world and connects you with more brands and smart products than any other protocol.

These are some of the Z-WAVE compatible system brands;

ADT Pulse ®
Amazon Assistant ®
Apple HomeKit ®
HomeSeer ®
Iris ®
Nest ®
Nexia ®
Ring ®
SmartThings ®
Vera ®
Wink ®



     How It Works

    Add Z-Wave Devices to Nowa 360 Control Unit



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