Trojan UV Parts - UV Lamps Quartz UV Sleeves

Replacement UV Lamps and Quartz UV Sleeves for Trojan or Trojan / Viqua branded UV sterilization systems [UV = Ultraviolet]. Our replacement UV Lamps and Quartz UV Sleeves for Trojan/Viqua are made in the USA.

Our Trojan UV parts are guaranteed to be a fit and performance match for the Trojan UV disinfection system that you have installed. They are manufactured in specialist factories where UV is their business. A number of manufacturers and parts suppliers are using parts from non specialist factories in order to save on costs. It's your water. Make the right decision.

UV Lamps by nature lose their intensity over time. Choose a product that is made well enough to have the power to keep on doing it's job to the end of its life cycle.

Quartz UV Sleeves need to be crystal clear. Free of dust, fingerprints, scratches, thick or thin spots, grit etc... Our Quartz UV Sleeves are optically clear and free of malformed spots, pits etc... that prevent UV light transmission into the water column. As perfect as can be made. 

Buy the very best. Buy from with confidence.

*With the exception of UV Dynamics and Ecosoft, the parts offered for sale and presented here are intended to be replacements for the original equipment manufacturer's lamps and quartz sleeves.  The original equipment manufacturers do not sponsor, endorse, or approve this or any other replacement lamp and/or quartz sleeve.

Sterilight, Trojan UVMax and Trojan AquaUV are registered trademarks of Trojan Technologies. Pura is a registered trademark of WaterGroup Inc. Aquada is a registered trademark of Wedeco - A Xylem Brand. Parts provided for UV Dynamics and Ecosoft are 100% original brand parts.