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Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis System 6 stage 50 gpd Model MO650MPUREEXPST

  • $ 227.25

Ecosoft, 6 stage, RO, Under Sink, 50 gpd Model MO650MPUREEXPST 

Ecosoft P’URE Reverse Osmosis System. Six (6) stages, with mineralizing filter. 50 GPD. Delivering water to you as nature intended.

In providing the best filtration technologies, sometimes the good goes out with the bad. Reverse Osmosis technology is so good that dissolved minerals are removed from the water. Ecosoft have thoughtfully added a final mineralizing stage to add the ideal mineral balance back into your water. Note, that unlike Kangen water, Ecosoft's remineralization process is natural, not electronic. Pure RO water flows through a sacrificial mineral filter, emulating the way that surface waters percolate through natural stone. This achieves a naturally re-balanced pH of slightly higher alkaline water, the same way as natural mineral springs deliver.

Processes like Kangen, electrolyze the water, often producing undesirable drinking water byproducts like ozone or peroxide. It works by basically disassembling the molecules of your water and whatever is in it. If you don't start with perfect water, the "reassembled" water can actually be worse for you. Ecosoft's MO650M systems use no electricity in the filtering or remineralizing process.

  • 5 Micron PP Sediment filter
  • Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) filter
  • Coconut Shell Carbon Block (CTO) filter
  • Membrane Element made with DOW® flat sheet
  • Post Carbon filter
  • Mineralizing Filter




Model MO650M Replacement filter media (Click Image to go to product page in a new window)


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