h20parts2go.com UV Dynamics Whole House Water Filter System,20'',2,UVD 320E,4.5'' x 20'',10gpm or (37L/min) ,MR320E-TP2/220

UV Dynamics Whole House Water Filter System MR320E-TP2/220

  • $ 813.00

UV Dynamics Integrated Water Filtration System. Featuring Model UVD 320E Disinfection unit with pre-filter housings.

Cryptosporidium and Giardia are common parasites found in drinking water sources. They also make you sick. Chlorine cannot eliminate the risk that these parasites pose to you and your family, guests or employees. This system will.

Chemical additives present their own problems and risks, the least of which is poor taste and smell. UV does not add any chemical compounds (like chlorine or chloramine) to your water. UV Dynamics systems are engineered in North America and sold worldwide.

This system is easy to install if you have the basic tools. Any plumber can easily install it.

SKU# 100-MR320E-TP2/220

    • UVD 320E UV water sterilizer unit
    • lamp alarm and reset
    • 2 X 4.5'' x 20'' filter sump
    • powder coated steel mounting rack
    • mounting kit
    • Flow rate 10g/m or 37L/min

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