UV Lamp Viqua, Sterilight, Trojan, UV Dynamics, Pura and Wedeco

Featuring selections for Viqua, Trojan, Sterilight, UV Dynamics, Pura and Wedeco

It's not just that our UV Lamps are made in the USA, it's that they are inarguably, high quality products. All of our replacement UV lamps are encased in Quartz. A great many inexpensive lamps are encased in glass.

Glass tends to trap metallic "sputtering" and permits it to deposit on the inside of the lamp, thereby reducing the lamps ability to emit UV light into the disinfection chamber. You save money but you are not getting the desired UVT into your water as the lamp ages. That is a problem for you, your family, employees and guests. Our lamp will give you a full year of service at recommended UVT level.

Careful attention to original specification means that when you buy a replacement part from us, it fits properly and will perform at or above that which came with your system.