Whole House Water Filters & Point of Use Filters

Water treatment systems for whole home, cottage, cabin, office and point of use.

Even when you start with safe municipal water, we can help you to make it better to consume, cook with and bathe in. If your water source is considered potable, we offer you systems that will address safety concerns.

Experience significant improvement at minimal cost. Make better, clearer ice cubes and beverages. Experience better looking better tasting and odourless household water.

All products are commonly considered as capable of being installed with generally available tools. It's usually easier if you have the "handy" gene or a friend with one. Qualified plumbers are however a foolproof option.

If you are not on a municipal or monitored community water system, get your water tested.

Ultraviolet drinking water Disinfection is recognized as effective by the US EPA, World Health Organization and other leading health organizations. It is used by municipal water purification plants the world over.