About H2OParts2Go

Our Mission

The right part. Made right. Fits right. Works right. We want to supply the highest quality replacement parts and systems at competitive prices and deliver to your door.

Quality Matters

H2OParts2Go.com is a one stop solution for replacement parts for virtually all UV water sterilization systems. UV Lamps, Quartz sleeves and filter media are the backbone of your system. While those parts need minimal maintenance they do require periodic replacement in order to ensure the highest levels of water quality and safety.

We only stock UV sterilization replacement lamps and sleeves that are Made in USA. Our lamps are made by a specialist factory that is focused on the unique requirements UV sterilizers. Competitive import products often perform significantly lower than rated in terms of UV dosage but they also deteriorate or fail well ahead of claimed life span.

Our Guarantee

Our replacement parts are guaranteed to fit the same as original equipment.

Our replacement parts are guaranteed to perform at levels meeting or exceeding those originally supplied.