Keeping it Cool!

It's a great feeling to know that the water you are using is safe and clean. What it maybe isn't is "cool". We can help you out there too with our "Keeping it Cool! offer.

From now through May 31, 2019, if you buy through our site any UV Dynamics UV Disinfection System or UV Dynamics Integrated Filtration System, we'll send you the best filtering water pitcher that you'll ever use at no additional cost to you. The Ecosoft Dewberry keeps your drinking water cool since it's designed to fit in most refrigerator doors.


The Dewberry retails for $29.99 US & $39.99 CAD, and is shipped with filter cartridge. 

As nice to use as it looks. The Ecosoft Dewberry Slim filter pitcher features smooth rounded corners and simple flat sides and top. A transparent body with anti-slip feet, a translucent matte funnel for pouring and a beautiful opaque blue handle and top with flat hinged lid and spout.

The Dewberry Slim is hands down the best looking filtering water pitcher available today. With Ecosoft advanced water technology using ECOMIX filter media, it performs as good as it looks. The Ecosoft filter cartridge filters from tap water various impurities including chlorine and chlorination by-products,hardness (and salinity), lead, iron, copper and manganese. To prevent bacteria proliferation, silver is used in the filter. Optimal and constant filtration rate is thanks to the special Ecosoft filter design and construction. Filters 1.75l of water. ~1.75l of unfiltered water capacity for a total of ~3.5l container volume.


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