White Rock Arsenic - Drinking Water Concerns

City of White Rock, BC - Arsenic & Manganese Concerns


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If you live or work in White Rock, BC, you may be aware of the very real concerns about high levels of arsenic and manganese in water drawn from city wells and delivered to you.

Arsenic is considered highly toxic and of significant concern. Arsenic and compounds featuring arsenic are commonly found in nature and have been found at relatively high levels in White Rock, BC municipal well water at approx. 78%+/- of currently allowable limits.

Manganese is thought to be less of a health concern for the majority of the population. Manganese levels can create significant aesthetic concern.

It is important to acknowledge that while levels of arsenic in water

delivered to White Rock consumers by the City has not proved to be above federal guidelines, they are considered relatively high.

The city has acknowledged the presence of high levels of arsenic,and manganese. Accordingly, funding of approximately $14 million has been budgeted for a treatment facility to address high levels of arsenic and manganese present in city water.

Democracy Direct White Rock features a page at this link which will be of interest to you.

EPA - National Primary Drinking Water Regulations

Health Canada - Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality


The Results are In!

Recognizing the issues facing residents of White Rock, H2OParts2Go.com conducted a basic experiment.

We sampled water from an Ecosoft under sink RO (Reverse Osmosis) unit that has been in service for four months. The unit has  NOT had any filter media changes since installation and is the main source of drinking water and cooking water in the household.

We compared these results with municipal tap water. The results are below.

City Water - [Metals mg/L]  Baseline Test

As - [0.0079] Arsenic

CU - [0.0072] Copper

Pb - [0.000364] Lead

Fe - [0.006] Iron

Mn - [0.11] Manganese

Ecosoft RO from City Water - [Metals mg/L]  Log & % reduction vs tap water test
As - [<0.00050] Representing a 1.2 Log or ~ 93.7% less Arsenic

Cu - [<0.00040] Representing a 1.26 Log or ~ 94.4% less Copper

Pb - [<0.00020] Representing a 0.26 Log or ~ 45.1% less Lead

Fe - [<0.01000] Approaching Detection Limit

Mn - [<0.00476] Representing a 1.36 Log or ~ 95.7% less Manganese

What Can You Do?

Reverse Osmosis is a proven effective and affordable process that effectively removes arsenic and a host of additional contaminants from your drinking and cooking water. H2OParts2Go.com offers a ready made solution for your home or business for point of use drinking and cooking water.

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