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Compact Ecosoft Water Filter System For Home with tap

  • $57.60

Ecosoft 3 Stage Undersink Integrated Water Filtration System. Five (5) micron sediment, Ecomix D, Carbon Block. SKU# 110-FMV3ECOEXP

The triple filter Ecosoft Standard is an affordable solution for the effective purification of drinking water. Filtration is carried out in 3 stages, each of which is in a separate cartridge and is provided as part of the filter.

Water purified using the Ecosoft Standard filter can be used for drinking, cooking, ice making, plant watering as well as for household appliances (clothes irons, kettles, air humidifier, etc...). Ecosoft purified water does not lead to scale formation in or on these appliances.

Replaceable cartridges

During filtration, the water sequentially passes through the 3 cartridges.

Stage 1 Sediment filter. Removes large impurities from water: grit, rust, sand, etc... Cartridge material is foamed polypropylene.

Stage 2 Softens water, removes chlorine, harmful organic and organochlorine substances, metals, phenols and petroleum products. The cartridge is filled with Ecomix-D, a proprietary formulation of Ecosoft's amazing water chemistry expertise.

Stage 3 Fine water purification. Activated coconut carbon cartridge. Re-establishes the final flavor and clarity profile.



Ecosoft Replacment Filter Package for 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filtration System. SKU# 110-CMV3ECOEXP. (Click Image to go to product page in a new window)

Capacity, l/h, l/m 60.0, 1.0
Operating Pressure, bar 2 - 6
External water connection, inches 1/2"
Dimensions, in H 16.4 x W 14.57 x D 5.91
Dimensions, mm H 420 × W 370 × D 150
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Triple filter rack and filter housings (sumps)
  • Water faucet
  • Housing wrench for filter replacement
  • Set of 3 filters
  • Tubing and installation fittings
  • User Manual