Ecosoft RObust1500 Reverse Osmosis System

  • $ 999.00

Modern water engineering that looks as impressive as it is smart.

The Ecosoft RObust1500 reverse osmosis sytem is rated* at over 500 US gallons (1892 Liters) of clean and safe water per day. RObust1500 is a compact, high capacity reverse osmosis filtration system. The Dow Filmtec™ RO membrane is the main filtering element, eliminating up to 99.8% of dissolved impurities, viruses and bacteria.

The Dynamic SmartLight informs you by its color about filter system operation and will remind you to change filters when required. Standard gages readily identify normal pressure ranges.

Key advantages

  • Pure, tasty drinking water thanks to multistage filtration technology

  • Dynamic SmartLight with illumination that displays the filter operation mode and signals about filters replacement

  • Original and compact design

  • You will receive enough water for everyone and everything thanks to high-performance membrane element, which produces up to 78 liters (20.8 US gallons) of water every hour

  • Scale prevention on heating elements of kettles and coffee machines thanks to soft water



Installation & operating guidelines

Supplemental Illustrations

including direct connection to Restaurant Coffee Machine

Data Sheets

Ecosoft RObust1500 Vendor Sheet


Dow Reverse Osmosis Membrane Data Sheet


Technical data



Flow capacity, l/hour

70 to 75

Inlet pressure, bar

2 to .5

Waste water, l/hour

70 to 75

Water temperature, °С

+4 to +30

Room temperature, °С

+5 to +40



System dimensions (HxWxD), mm

420 х 425 х 305      

Filter weight (base model), kg


Power supply

120 V, 60 Hz


Requirements for feed water





TDS, mg/L

< 1500   

Hardness, meq/L

< 10

Active chlorine, mg/L

< 0.5

Total iron, mg/L

< 0.3

Total manganese, mg/L

< 0.1

COD, mg O2/L

< 5

Total microbial count (TMC), CFU/ mL

< 100

E. coli, CFU/100 mL



The Ecosoft RObust1500 Reverse Osmosis system is designed for easy recognition of its operational status. The Smartlight function is part of a system awareness strategy that keeps you, your customers and guests safe and assures you that you're delivering the best water that you can expect.


System Functioning Normally - In Operation

System on Standby - Ready to Serve

Filter Change Required - Filters water, but more slowly Ecosoft RObust1500 reverse osmosis system

System Needs Service

Complete Servicing Required



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